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Best Place To Buy Plugs And Tunnels

Wooden plugs and tunnels are actually very lightweight. Made from organic material, these give a down-to-earth vibe and are often used as a base and are combined with other materials, most commonly precious stones and minerals. They do naturally become darker over time, particularly if you oil them regularly.

best place to buy plugs and tunnels

They should never be submerged in water, because wood acts like a natural sponge which causes the plug to expand. This also means you should avoid wearing them swimming or in the bath. Keep them clean with a damp cloth and only use water. Wooden plugs and tunnels also tend to dry out over time, which can make them crack (meaning they are unwearable.) But you can help prolong their life cycle by applying jojoba oil or olive oil after they are clean and dry.

Find your perfect fit with our collection of plugs and tunnels made for a range of ear gauges of all sizes. Our ear stretching jewelry is carefully designed and crafted with precise body lengths and weights to wear with maximum comfort.

Explore semi-precious materials like the complex cuts of violet-toned amethyst, uniquely colour banded agate and the lustrous moonstone-like opalite. Or add a subtle, tribal touch to your jewelry collection with our cool-toned collection of Dragon's Eye plugs, also available in a teardrop shape and tunnels.

Ear Tunnels are the most popular type of plugs that we sell for your stretched ears. We sell quite a lot of different materials of tunnels from stone tunnels, stainless steel tunnels, and wood tunnels.

Our shop features a wide variety of body jewelry which is available for your purchase. Customers can buy jewelry in conjunction with piercings done at Ink Therapy or separately. Our jewelry collection includes studs, plugs, tunnels, ear tapers, ear stretching kits, nose rings, lip rings, and more. With pieces in a variety of styles, colors, materials, you are sure to find something that expresses your style. We change our inventory often in order to keep our offerings fresh and of the latest style. Stop by our shop to take a look.

Through a mini-incision one or more corticocancellous bone plugs are harvested with special harvesting tubes (Fig. 37.1). The tubes are also used to insert the bone plugs into the tibial and femoral bone tunnels. 041b061a72


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