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Your Eyes Tell

Kaori lost her eyesight and family in an accident. While trying to enjoy the small things in her life, Kaori struggles to live happily. Kaori mistakes Rui for someone else and begins to talk to him. Rui was once a promising kickboxer, but something happened in his past to cause him to disassociate himself from everyone. Kaori's smile brings out a change in Rui. The two people begin to have feelings for each other, but Rui learns about Kaori's past accident and his connection. Rui decides to take part in an underground fight to pay for Kaori's eye surgery.(Source: AsianWiki) Edit Translation

Your Eyes Tell

The album's title is reflective of its theme, which maps BTS' seven-year journey since their debut in 2013, and the "many joys, successes, hardships, and challenges" they experienced during this time while on their "quest for the answer of the journey that will never end".[18] In keeping with this, lead single "Stay Gold" conveys the message that "The world may not be full of good things, but please don't lose your luster."[18][19] It was written and produced by longtime collaborator UTA, who has worked with the band on several other Japanese releases since 2015.

How is this possible? The arrangement of blood vessels at the back of the eye, known as the retina vasculature, is closely connected to the health of your heart. That means issues we see in the eye can be directly linked to health problems with the heart and the vessels in your body.

Most eye exams include an inspection of the outside and inside of the eye. To do this, your ophthalmologist will use an ophthalmoscope to examine things such as pupil reflexes, the lens of your eye, the retina and the optic nerve.

With the poster and plot, I could tell this film would make my eyes cry, but naur. I love Rui, I love Akari, my bisexuality is shaking. They are a very cute couple, I just wanna be their golden retriever.

In a statement released to Billboard Japan on July 8, BTS teased "Your Eyes Tell" is "an expression of the beautiful and deep world of love in the movie" and its theme focuses on "how there is light in the future that your eyes are seeing, even in difficult situations," according to a translation by HelloKPop.

"Your Eyes Tell" was the perfect followup to BTS' "Stay Gold" because, in both songs, the group tells fans to stay positive even when things seem like they won't get better. ARMYs appreciate the song's beautiful message and they can't wait to hear it in the Your Eyes Tell film, which is set to premiere this fall.

When it comes to your overall health, your eyes act like an open book shedding light on your condition. A thorough eye exam with your ophthalmologist or optometrist can uncover clues about the state of your whole body. Your eye care provider may be able to tell whether or not you are suffering from a serious disease or medical condition just by examining blood vessels and nerves in your eyes.

Unusual eye symptoms raise a red flag. Your eyes act as an early warning system to let you know when something is wrong and you need medical attention. Diabetes, for instance, can cause blurred vision when symptoms began to flare up. Dim or double vision may be an early sign you are suffering a stroke.

Blood vessels are especially revealing. If blood vessels in your eyes turn from red to bronze or gray, this could be an early sign of high blood pressure or diabetes. Both conditions can damage your retinas by causing excess fluid to accumulate in your eyes. Blocked blood vessels may be a sign you have an autoimmune disease. This can in turn lead to red, itchy eyes, sensitivity to light, eye pain, and vision problems.

If your body is fighting a virus, bacteria or fungal infection, it will often show up in the eyes as well. If the whites of your eyes turn yellow, for example, it could be a sign of hepatitis or jaundice.

Eye symptoms alone are usually not enough to diagnose an infection, disease, or other serious medical condition. Still, your eyes can reveal the fact that problems do exist. This will make it easier to obtain quick medical care before any problems manifested in the eyes have a chance to do serious damage elsewhere in the body or even turn fatal.

The eyes can be the first window of your overall health for certain diseases, whether it be cardiovascular, hypertension, or other heart diseases. The eyes are not separated from the rest of the body and are unique in that it is one of the only areas where our blood vessels can directly be seen.

The researchers conducted two experiments. In the first, people were asked to grasp a vertical stick with a weight hanging from its left or right side. People easily reported which side they felt the weight was on, even when they had their eyes closed.

When Shakespeare wrote that the eyes are the window to the soul, he didn't have the benefit of scientific studies to draw on. Yet centuries later, research supports his statement. Our eyes communicate a range of emotions, from discomfort to surprise to joy. They also convey other kinds of information outside of our conscious awareness.

This idea was extended in a 1966 study led by Daniel Kahneman, now a Nobel-prize winning psychologist at Princeton University. He asked participants to remember several three to seven digit numbers, which participants had to report back after two seconds. As participants had to remember longer strings of digits, their pupil size increased, suggesting that pupil size is related to information processing more generally. The first step to know what someone is thinking is to look deeply into their eyes.

When it comes to beauty, that oh-so-cliche phrase "the eyes have it" stands very, very true. Often, beauty issues near the eyes (bags, redness, puffiness) are a signals of over-all health issues. Since I've been the queen of puffiness and bags lately, I got a hold of Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City and founder of 37 Extreme Actives skincare to get they scoop on what it really means when eyes get bags or look swollen or red.

If your eyes are puffy...Puffiness is usually caused by swelling, which can happen after you get a little carried away with cocktails or salty food. It's worse if you sleep on your belly, too. Look for topical creams with caffeine and coffee or tea extracts, which will rev drainage to de-puff. If you use the right anti-puff creams every single day (no excuses!), you can avoid puffiness long term, says Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas.

If you get under eye are probably allergic to something. When I was a kid, I always had "shiners" from allergies. When I realized I was allergic to gluten, my bags almost (almost) disappeared. Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas says the more you have allergies, the more your bags swell and the more prominent your bags become. The fix? Find out what you are allergic to and take precautions. It's worth asking your doctor if you are allergic to dust mites, since those live on pillows and mattreses (which you can cover with allergy control cases) and can cause bags overnight.

If you have red, watery eyes all the may have rosacea of the eyeball. Yup! That's a thing. It's called Ocular rosacea, says Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas. Check with your doctor. If you do have ocular rosacea, avoid triggers of rosacea, such as red wine, sunlight, and foods like eggplant and avocado (sorry, no guac!). For instant relief, look for anti-inflammatory eye creams and apply them around the eyes.

Just about everyone you know tells low-stakes lies, but some people even go so far as to lie about important matters that could forever change their relationships, end their employment, or even send them to jail.

Mark Bouton, an FBI agent for 30 years and author of "How to Spot Lies Like the FBI," tells Business Insider that he used certain tells to help identify Timothy McVeigh as a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing. But being able to read facial expressions to detect lies can be beneficial even if you're not conducting criminal investigations, he says.

"This is a physiological reaction to him feeling uncomfortable or trapped by your questions that he doesn't want to answer," Bouton says. "It's a throwback to when people had to seek an escape route when they feared they were in a dangerous situation, such as facing a human or animal adversary."

Bouton says that when a person closes his eyes for a second or two, this may indicate he's lied to you, since this is a type of defense mechanism. Normally, he explains, a person will blink at a speed of 100 to 400 milliseconds, or 0.10 to 0.40 of a second.

"His eyes will shift downward and to his left if he's going to tell you his memory of a smell or touch or sensation, such as a cold draft or a terrible odor," Bouton explains. "But his eyes will shift down and to his right if he's going to lie."

Often when people tell the truth they will nod their heads simultaneously in agreement with what they're saying. But if they shake their heads in disagreement with what they've said, their bodies are betraying their lie.

When your doctor examines the back of your eye, they can directly see the retinal blood vessels. Narrowing or kinks in the blood vessels in the back of the eye may be a sign of high blood pressure. The best way to prevent further damage to these delicate blood vessels is to control your high blood pressure with lifestyle changes or medication.

If your eyes have a yellowish tint, it could be a sign of liver damage. When your liver is inflamed or damaged, it produces a substance called bilirubin, which in high levels can change the appearance of your eyes and skin. Your primary care physician will then work with you to determine the cause of your liver damage and recommend lifestyle changes or medications that could help treat or slow the damage.

"Our study gives a salient example," said Yangqing 'Lucie' Xu, lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate in psychology at Northwestern. "When you pick up an object, your brain automatically decides how to control your muscles based on what your eyes provide about the object's shape. When you pick up a mug by the handle with your right hand, you need to add a clockwise twist to your grip to compensate for the extra weight that you see on the left side of the mug. 041b061a72


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