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Download Vuze Search Templates

By default Vuze searches a limited set of torrent sites. This feature, whereby Vuze has enabled a select few search templates of a limited set of torrent sites, is provided as a convenience to Vuze users. Vuze does not have any relationship with the underlying sites and cannot attest to the legitimacy, safety or completeness of any content that may be identified through such services. Vuze selected and selects these torrent sites because it has a good faith and reasonable belief that those sites track or host content, the overwhelming majority of which content does not infringe upon the rights, including copyright, of any third party. Vuze attempts to determine the legitimacy and legality of these sites -- regarding those sites mostly or exclusively involving non-infringing content -- based upon news reports, outcomes of lawsuits or governmental actions against those sites, as well as periodically examining the number of take-down requests received by Google for domains alleged to be associated with infringing content. (See, Google Transparency Report, and we encourage you to read Google's official blogs about its Transparency report.) Vuze recognizes that simply because Google might receive a lot of take-down requests associated with a domain that does not necessarily mean that there is a lot of infringing content available on or through such sites, because take-down requests are simply allegations of infringement, not proof that there was or is infringement, many take-down requests are false, abusive, do not take into account "fair use" under the United States Copyright Act and analogous laws of other territories or countries, and might even be based upon falsified court orders. Further, there are reports that many take-down request involve attempts to suppress political speech. However, if Vuze becomes aware of an exceptionally high number of take-down requests associated with a domain that has been in existence for a reasonable period of time Vuze will typically not include, or will remove, such site from its pre-selected search templates.

download vuze search templates

Download Zip:

Vuze users assume, and Vuze disclaims, all risks including of using those templates. To the extent that some Vuze users have occasionally received or might occasionally receive notices from ISPs regarding the downloading of allegedly unlawful copies of content, Vuze believe these arise from the downloading of content outside the Vuze HD Network. It is each user's responsibility to ensure that they are only downloading lawful and non-infringing content -- wherever it may be found. One such source of lawful content is the Vuze HD Network. In any event, Vuze strongly urges each user to act responsibly when it comes to downloading and sharing content. Read more here.

If you don't have a running version of Vuze to copy from, but you do have a backup, you can copy the search templates by locating the "metasearch.config" file and copying that to the Vuze user configuration data directory. Make sure Vuze isn't running when you do this.

Custom templates are created by users and can be used to search any content found on the web. Vuze does not review, approve or manage custom templates. As our community uses our new search functionality, we imagine some users will create custom templates for their own use or sharing with others, and that they will find creative and convenient ways to share them with others. There are many custom templates that search and return results from other torrent sites that are believed to host or link to a significant amount of content that allegedly infringes upon the rights of others, including copyright, or that contains a lot of "adult" content. It is each user's responsibility to ensure that they are only downloading lawful and non-infringing content -- wherever it may be found. Vuze encourages its users to review this section and to read more here.

Vuze supports two kinds of custom search templates. The most common is "regular expression," which matches against the source code of a search results page. The second type, JSON, is for sites which provide data in JSONformat.

6) The template is now ready for use on your machine. To share it with others, click the "Export as file" button. This gives you a .vuze file that you can publish on a blog or website, and other people can import it by clicking "Add/Edit" from the search page.

{"vuze":{"components":[{"content":{"web.dl_link_css":"23download a!!0","l1_map":["from":6,"to":6,"maps":[]],"l2_map":["from":6,"to":8,"maps":["from":"Movies","to":"video","from":"TV Shows","to":"video","from":"Anime","to":"video","from":"Music","to":"audio","from":"Games","to":"game"]],"web.needs_auth":0,"web.auto_date":1,"web.time_zone":"GMT+1","web.required_cookies":[],"web.search_url_format":"http:\/\/\/vuze.php?search=%s","json.path":"results","rank_bias":"1.0","select_rec":1,"name":"Mininova",

4) Make your edits - for example if you wanted to change the name of the template you would amend the "name":"Mininova" entry. To modify the search URL you would amend the "web.search_url_format":"http:\/\/\/vuze.php... portion (make sure you keep the escape characters before any '/')

1) save any custom templates that you want to keep - perform a random search then right click on the entry that appears in the side bar for the search results. There is a menu that gives options to save individual templates or all as a set (although the 'all' option creates a single file that contains everything, so you can't import them individually from this) - you can also export them all by right-clicking on the toolbar area

2) work out where the config directory is for vuze (e.g. go to tools->options->plugins, browse to the per-user plugin directory and go to its parent) - the config dir will have files 'metasearch.config, and possibly metasearch.config.bak.

The file size range isn't the problem, it's a lack of results. The file size range is based on the torrent sizes returned when searching sites via their search template. Currently (Vuze searches the Vuze and Mininova sites via the default search templates. If a search for video x returns results where the largest torrent is 50MB then that is the maximum size that will be seen in the file size range. If the largest file is significantly smaller than what you expected you probably need to consider adding more search templates for other sites.

Occasionally you may have issues with the download buttons/links in search results. Your default browser is used to display the results within Vuze and Vuze relies on the browser correctly forwarding download clicks to Vuze to handle the action. If this stops working (for example another application takes control of the action) you can always open the search result in an external browser and proceed from there.

This is an issue known to occur on Windows. Unfortunately there is an issue with Internet Explorer (we embed IE into Vuze to display search results) whereby IE crashes when rendering certain web pages. We have no control over this and can't fix it unfortunately. A work around is to use the same approach detailed above for when download links aren't working - open the search details in an external browser rather than browsing within Vuze.

Vuze HD Video Player is convenient software to search, download and play torrent content from the Internet. It supports playing videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, Tivo and many other devices. It is a popular torrent player for high-resolution digital videos to be played.


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