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Raat 1992 Hindi Horror Movie 15

Taking place in 1920, this film is about a husband who finds that his wife is demoniacally possessed. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, this film is easily considered one of the best horror movies in India. It is loosely inspired by the classic horror film The Exorcist (1973). Refreshingly enough, this film is simplistic and realistic. From the starting scene to the end moments of the movie, the film as a whole is completely gripping. Furthermore, this is one of the highest grossing Bollywood horror movie films of all time! You can also check out 1920: Evil Returns (2012) and 1920: London (2016).

Raat 1992 Hindi Horror Movie 15

In this horror-thriller directed by Swarna Latha, six friends go on journey to a mysterious mountain in Western Ghats. Naturally, something terrifying haunts these very mountains. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then this film is for you! While this movie suffered from mixed reviews and has been widely criticized for copying Blair Witch Project, this film is a solid tension-gripping thriller.

This movie is the one that will give you chills for a really, really long time. How Arjun and Lisa two madly-in-love folks move in together in a manor in Palampur, but the horror comes in when Lisa is possessed by a haunted spirit, making life of Arjun, a living hell. This is the first installment of the 1920 series and is certainly the best one. Do not miss out on it. 1920 is among the best Bollywood horror movies on amazon prime.

Just to summarize the crazy adventure of three friends going to an isolated island to party just so to come across some crazy flesh-eating Zombies the next morning will keep you entertained throughout the movie. This horror comedy is one of the funny Bollywood horror movies.

Junoon is not your typical horror movie. The plot is super amusing and fun which revolves around how a guy named Vikram encounters a crazy accident where he badly gets bruised and his friend who was with him gets killed by a tiger. The tiger is no simple one but a cursed one whose curse eventually passes on to none other than Vikram. On every full moon night, he is bound to turn into a tiger which is super thrilling to see. This one here is one of the best old Bollywood horror movies.

If you are looking to watch some fun horror-comedy movie with your family or your pals then Stree is the best one to watch! Starring actors Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, and others this is one of the good Bollywood hits of 2018. Stree is one of the best Bollywood comedy horror movies. It is all about how the people of Chanderi live in a state of free especially during the time of festivals because that is the time when a spirit of a woman comes in to haunt and attack all men.

13B is a Hindi/Tamil horror film produced by director Vikram Kumar. This is such a hit that it later got dubbed into Telugu as well. With no creepy faces, or stupid horror but just pure and authentic thrilling scenes, this movie guarantees a mystifyingly rip-roaring experience. When a family moves into an apartment on the 13th floor where paranormal activities take place and ghosts come to disturb the peace of humans via a television a feeling of chills is a must.

If the talk is about the best Bollywood horror movies omitting Raaz would be plain stupidity. This is certainly the best horror series produced by the Hindi film industry with some exquisite and catchy songs. It is all about how two couples go on a trip to Ooty so to resolve their marriage issues but when Sajana, the wife gets haunted by a spirit who reveals the secrets of Aaditya, the husband the story takes a scarily riveting turn which is super exciting to watch.

Mahal is a really, really puzzling and bewildering movie of the 40s. The dialogues and letter scene offer a great level of horror. The storyline is all about how Hari Shankar moves into a new manor just to find the crazy horrific part of it and to come across a woman who claims to be her lover. It is among the best Hindi horror movies based on true stories. Thriller of a bygone era, this film sure is a must-see!

A movie that actually has a gripping power? That is Ragini MMS for you. The story is clubbed with a boyfriend trying to film the close moments with Ragini, the main character, on hidden cameras, not knowing that the place he is trying to do all this is haunted. 100% recommended! You can watch this on Netflix as it is among the best Bollywood horror movies on Netflix.

Inspired by The Exorcist, Raat is one of the most powerful films by Ram Gopal Verma. The camera angles, music, technical aspects, and screenplay, everything pitch-perfect. The plot of this classic revolves around how after a family moves into a mansion and their daughter is possessed by a spirit, the spirit of a killed kitten. A must-watch 90s horror film which is among the best Bollywood horror movies.

In 1992, Ram Gopal Varma wrote and directed a film called Raat which would go on to not only become a cult classic but would also define the horror genre in the years to come. I had not watched this film right up till now and now after watching it I find an uncanny resemblance of it with most of the Bhatt horror films that have come out over the years and made some decent moolah. Each of the Bhatt horror films follow a strict structure in which the first half takes us through the morbid routines or romances of the principal cast members, one of whom turn out to be the one to be possessed.

Overall, Raat is a superb watch even today almost 2 decades after it was made and released. It still holds a very contemporary feel to itself which is the trademark of a classic. The film was able to send shivers down my spine in more than one occasion which I believe is no mean feet as I am a regular viewer of the most recent and arguably scarier horror movies. Give it a watch and chances are you will be surprised for all the right reasons.

These magical or fantastical elements may or may not be real at all. It all depends on the subjective perspectives on truth. The insistence on the existence of multiple truths and the shunning of absolutism becomes a star characteristic of the film. The main proof of this theory is the amazing twist ending which leads us to question the existence of the supernatural elements in the cosmos of the film itself. This interesting and open-ended take on a horror movie makes Pari stand out as one of the best horror movies in this post-modernist era.Watch Pari on Amazon Prime

Watch Darna Mana Hai on Amazon Prime 11. Pizza (2012) (Tamil)Pizza derives its scares from the terrifying atmosphere it creates. The movie is special in its own way. It tries to create genuine horror with the absence of any stereotypical cliches. It is the emptiness of the abandoned home and the rare appearance of apparitions at the most unexpected moments that makes the movie truly terrifying. This combines with some amazing camerawork and dark cinematography to accentuate the unorthodox style and substance of the movie.

Ram Gopal Verma revolutionized the horror genre before he started choosing other paths. There are many Bollywood horror movies given to us as some Hollywood standard horror movies. We bet it is hard to watch these movies alone. Grab your snacks, turn the lights off, and get ready to dedicate your weekend to spin-chilling horror that will undoubtedly give you goosebumps.

A magnificent mansion, a newlywed couple, and spirits are seeking revenge. This is set in the era of 1920 and has some beautifully taken shots. The transitions are smooth and an upgrade to all the Bollywood horror movies that we grew up watching. There are several reasons to watch this one of the best horror movies in India. One of them being exorcism portrayed in a surreal way. It is a must to atleast watch it for once. It also makes it to the movie one can watch on their date night. We will be eager to watch what unfolds next to you and how you perceive it.

It is not much of a horror to watch this movie. The critics were not in favor of this movie being horrifying. The plot is simple, A 3G sim is possessed, and when Neil Nitin Mukesh inserts the sim into his mobile, the turn of events is all unexplained. The paranormal activities are very hardly picturized. However, the songs are very soothing. Also, Fiji tourism is very happy with the movie (pun intended). The film looks like a problematic attempt to showcase the ghostly presence, but sometimes such horror movies also give a feel of a comedy movie.

It was a Hindi-Telugu movie by the maestro of Bollywood horror movies- Ram Gopal Verma. A film with lots of twists and turns and unraveling suspicion is genuinely a work of art. This movie is all about revenge. A moll woman was killed brutally in the basement by the old owner of the house. The new family is unaware of the entire situation until the spirit possesses their daughter. There are many events, one after another, that lead to a shocking revelation. One must watch this movie if one wants to have some goosebumps.


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