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Buy Easton Arrows

The main disadvantage of the X10 is the fact that smaller diameter arrows at higher momentum potentials require better target materials to help prevent excess penetration or pass through. Another factor is that more care is needed when gluing components, which is also due to the small diameter. For the same reason, removing points requires a little more care and time in order to avoid overheating. Also, the cost to produce the X10 is considerably more due to the materials and techniques required to hit the required tolerances.

buy easton arrows

With aluminum arrows,, the specific stiffness- the stiffness for a given mass of material- is always exactly the same for a given alloy. The great thing about aluminum arrows is that you can get shafts to exactly match ones you had 20 years ago and 20 years into the future.

So, if you have a young archer at home who wants to compete in one of those tournaments, you need to invest in the Genesis arrows.It is highly recommended to practice with the arrows you are going to use in such tournaments.

Shooting them is very rewarding.I had arrows go through an animal completely and hit a rock after.The arrow shrugged it off as nothing had happened.Picked it up and shot it again.No bent or other damage to the arrow!

This recall involves Easton Axis arrows in four different sizes and batch numbers, including size 300 with batch number 13169686, size 340 with batch number 13170143, size 400 with batch number 13170142 and size 500 with batch number 13169487. The carbon composite arrows are used for hunting and target archery. They are black with green and gray-colored graphics. Axis, Focused Energy, Easton, the size number and the batch number are printed on the arrows.

The first arrow truly made with the traditional archer in mind. The carbon Axis Traditional Only Barebow arrows are designed with gap shooters, string walkers, and instinctive shooters in mind. The white shaft enables point of view and clear gaps for the most accurate aim and shot every time. Low light conditions are not a problem with the shaft being visible during and after the shot for recovery. Made Safari Tuff and made for traditional archers the Axis Traditional Only Barebow arrow is here to change the game.Components: Comes standard with 25 grain Aluminum Half Outs. Additional component options are available for purchase.Straightness: +/- .006 Inner Diameter: .204Scroll to right to see complete data.

For Recurve Bows only - Carbon Arrow (or Shaft) Selection By Trial Service - We believe that your priority when spending so much money on a set of Carbon/ Carbon Aluminium (A/C) arrows should be to get the ones that will work with you, not against you. For over 20 years we have been offering our Unique Carbon Arrow by trial service:

The cost of this service is 35.00. When buying arrows and shafts in our Pro Shop, you will be given the option to take advantage of this service. Otherwise we will just select the shaft from the Easton Electronic Selection program.

Way back in the dark ages when we had landline telephones, vehicles with triangular windows for air vents and high-low clicker buttons on the floor and three television networks (four if you counted PBS), we had orange arrows.

One thing I recall about those days is the orange Easton aluminum arrows. Orange! Until later on when we started seeing more colors on shafts and fletching, I thought orange arrows with feather fletchings (this was before NAP QuikFletch or plastic vanes, kiddos) was what everyone shot. Either orange or kind of a light green.

Jas. D. Easton, Inc. is a manufacturer of archery equipment. The company was started by James D. (Doug) Easton in 1922. His son James (Jim) L. Easton took over the company following his death in 1972. The independent, family owned[1] archery division consists of two companies, Hoyt Archery, Inc. and Easton Technical Products, both located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The two companies employ approximately 800 people in the manufacture of compound bows, recurve bows, and arrows. Easton arrows have been used to win every Olympic Games title in archery since the restoration of archery to the Olympic program in 1972. Easton Technical Products is also a supplier to the military, medical and outdoor sports industries for high-strength carbon fiber and aluminum alloy tubing. Hoyt and Easton are run as independent divisions of Jas. D. Easton, Inc. Greg Easton is the third generation President of Jas. D. Easton.[2]

42" Length x 13 1/4" Height x 3 1/2" Width makes the Gold Ring case the smallest,easiest to handle hard case available. Two Gold Ring cases will easily fit inside mostcases designed for modern compound hunting bows, with room to spare. Simple and durable latches keep the case secure, but are a snap to open and close.Just flip them up to open and press on the flag to close. Holders designed specifically for the Genesis 1820 Arrow shafts keep your arrows safeand organized, while loading and...

The Easton Archery XX75 Genesis Arrows are designed with young archers in mind. The Genesis arrows are made from 7075 aerospace alloy for maximum durability. They are approved by the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) for tournament use. The XX75s shoot with great speed and can be removed from tough, high density targets easily.

Great for fletching aluminum, carbon or wood arrows with either vanes or feathers. Fletch Fuse is a cyanoacrylate adhesive with a drying time of 30-45 seconds. Gives a permanent bond. Will not peel off.

The Arrow Inspector features low friction machine cut steel axles and precision cut aluminum wheels - to detect even the slightest bend in an arrow shaft or unbalanced arrow. Shooting in a tight pattern or pulling arrows from the target can bend arrows causing them to be unbalanced and not fly straight. A quick spin on The Arrow Inspector will let you know if you can trust that arrow again for a straight, accurate shot.

The SAS Tactical Survival Bow is designed to store 3 full take-down arrows (cut to 31 inches, which is the maximum allowable draw for the bow) inside of its riser in two 15.5 inch halves. One of the aims of the SAS's design of the tactical survival bow system was to ensure that all components and materials are carefully designed and chosen to ensure they can endure a long term survival situation. Arrows are especially difficult items to keep in good working order out in the field when used on a day to day basis and in all weather conditions. SAS therefore chose aluminium arrows to do the job as they are less prone to cracking and splintering when hitting hard objects such as bones and rocks and this not only makes them a good choice for long term usage, but also greatly reduces the risk of injuries that could change the game out in the field where medical help is not always available.

Whilst the Tactical Survival Bow optimally stores 3 full take-down arrows inside the hollow riser, it is possible to store 5 rear halves inside the riser, if you store the front halves next to the bow in the camo carry bag.

Carbon Express continues to impress, and there is zero doubt shooters will feel the need to give this arrow manufacturer's Photon SD a downrange workout. Fabricated from a custom weave of 30-ton carbon, Carbon Express engineers note that Photon SD arrows recover 25 percent faster, leading to superior shot-to-shot consistency, especially at extended ranges. With a .203-inch inner diameter, the Photon minimizes wind drift and allows the arrow to track perfectly behind the broadhead upon entrance. The Photon is available in 300, 350, and 400 spine sizes and, of course, features the tried-and-true Red Zone.

If you want to become a long-range assassin on the tournament trail and in the woods, give Black Eagle's X-Impact shafts a go. Created from 100 percent high-modulus carbon, these lightweight shafts allow for more point weight up front, which means better inflight characteristics and more penetration on game animals. The X-Impact is offered in multiple spine sizes, and fletched arrows come with Micro-Nock Orange Black Eagle nocks, 2-inch vanes, and Black Eagle's Black Anodized Outserts.

As good as today's arrows are, I won't put an arrow in my quiver before spin-testing and, later, shooting that arrow. Loaded with purposeful features, OMP's FlightDeck Arrow Spinner is an all-in-one spinner/square system. After the arrows are cut, you must square the ends to ensure bullet hole performance. The spinner is frictionless, the non-slip rubber on the bottom means no movement, and the FlightDeck comes with a prep station with a .22 caliber brush to remove burrs from inside your shafts.

Over the past 100 years, Easton has produced some of the finest aluminum and carbon projectiles. For 2023, Easton partnered with renowned trad hunter Fred Eichler to create the 5MM Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow. A carbon arrow with a dark teakwood flare finish, this 5MM arrow is available in five spines from 340 to 700 to match any traditional shooter's need. Constructed with detail, accuracy, and durability in mind, these arrows showcase a high-visibility white dip, hand-fletched 4-inch left-helical natural turkey feather fletches, HIT components, and Easton's 5mm X Nocks.

This season, let it rip with Victory's RIP TKO. With a .240-inch diameter shaft, the RIP TKO is smaller than standard hunting arrows, which minimizes wind drift and increases penetration. MaxxKe Technology boosts kinetic energy during impact, helps arrows recover quicker in flight, and makes them ultra-durable.

To increase arrow strength and longevity, these collars slide over the end of arrows with a small but mighty lip that lives between your arrow shaft and broadhead. This flange is engineered to prevent arrows from exploding on hard bone impacts, while squaring up the end of your arrow for more accurate flight.

Engineered to industry-leading tolerances and available in 16 different weight and size combinations so you can find a precise fit for your arrow shaft. All this for shot consistency, so you can count on your arrows at the moment-of-truth. 041b061a72


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