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Heaven Sent PORTABLE

In 2016 "Heaven Sent" received a nomination for Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form).[29] "Heaven Sent" is also the first episode of Doctor Who to be submitted for nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award, due to BBC America being one of the series' co-producers. The episode was submitted to support Capaldi for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Moffat for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, and Talalay for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, in addition to several other Creative Arts Emmys.[30][31][32]

Heaven Sent

The episode shows the Doctor dealing with and grieving over the death of Clara Oswald, whom he lost to the Quantum Shade in the previous episode. The vast majority of the episode includes just the Doctor by himself with no other characters present, save the veiled figure that menaces him throughout. Jenna Coleman appears only as a manifestation of Clara in the Doctor's imagination. The Doctor's TARDIS is also absent from this episode, except again in the Doctor's imagination.

The Doctor successfully dives into the water, but falls unconscious, represented in the mind TARDIS by everything turning off. The lights start turning back on and the mental manifestation of the Doctor wakes up to the sound of Clara writing on the chalkboard. He looks at the chalkboard to see what is written: Question 1 - "What is this place?" The Doctor asks why he can't just sleep. On another chalkboard, Question 2: "What did you say that made the creature stop?" The Doctor asks if he has to know everything. On a third chalkboard, Question 3: "How are you going to WIN?"

As time goes on, the Doctor uses his hand to tap out the seconds it takes for the Veil to walk from one side of the castle to the other, where he is, in order to work out how much extra time he can get before the Veil shows up again. He can get 82 minutes to himself if he leaves the Veil in one extreme end of the castle when he runs to the other extreme. Having some soup at one point, the Doctor wonders if the teleportation sent him to Hell; he shrugs off the idea "That's okay. Hell's just Heaven for bad people." During this, he is trying to locate Room 12, having noticed that the rooms are numbered, but due to the castle rearranging itself, the rooms are not in the correct order. He has also noticed that most rooms after he has left them for a while, reset to the condition they were in before the Doctor arrived.

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This cozy 2 Bedroom home has so much character and warmth, someone must have sent it from up above! HEAVEN SENT is a CLEAN NEW cabin conveniently located 2 miles off the parkway in Pigeon Forge so there are no mountain roads to traverse and plenty of charm to enchant you! Featuring a roomy living area with a gas fireplace, LCD TV with VCR/DVD combo, and a queen sleeper sofa. All adjacent to the fully equipped kitchen and dining area with seating for 7 at the table and breakfast bar. Out back you'll find a screened porch with gliders and rockers to enjoy a peaceful sunset or your morning coffee. The second bedroom features a queen bed and LCD TV. The master bedroom is decked out with a King size bed and LCD TV. Tastefully decorated and situated on a large level lot, this is the perfect family Getaway spot! Won't you come to the Smokies and experience what HEAVEN SENT us, today?

Heaven Sent has really been Heaven sent to me. Started with one child in 2014 and now 3. The last two started when they were babies, and I have to say Michelle and Kristen are angels! I can not ask for better care. A very safe place and the fact that they teach bible lessons is remarkable! Keep rocking Heaven sent!

This vacation home is absolutely great for families and friends to gather and have a wonderful time in the Outer Banks! I myself have a very large family, so this home is perfect. The kitchen appliances are all up to date and great for cooking family meals! My personal favorite place is the game room; there is an air hockey table, a pool table, and a 75" TV!!! Great for the kids! The bedrooms are wonderful and they all have connected bathrooms. The bedrooms with the bunk beds are just excellent for the kids. Another personal favorite would be that it is just a couple minutes walk from the beach which I absolutely adore. The location of the home is just minutes away from Duck, which is great for shopping and different activities. The owner and his family are amazing, loving people; they make sure the house is well kept. This house was truly sent from Heaven ;). God bless!

Parents need to know that Heaven Sent, the heartwarming story of a Christmas miracle, was originally a Lifetime Channel holiday film. Taylor, a plucky little girl, arrives unannounced at the home of a married couple who are in the midst of separating (divorce papers are signed and catastrophically destroyed more than once). Though Taylor's origins are a mystery, her mission is not -- she wants them back together, and, as she becomes a significant presence in their lives, she simply won't give up. A few mildly spooky scenes announce that something unexpected, and perhaps not of this world, may be happening. Some slapstick action -- falls from a tall ladder, a woman throws an object that hits her husband in the crotch -- but no one is hurt. The film opens with two people sending prayers to God. The story is then gently based on spiritual concepts (angels, heaven), with a few religious messages, as well (i.e., "God's plans are revealed in his own good time -- not ours"). Because the central tale involves divorce and occasional references to a marriage's declining sexual relationship, it's best for older kids and up.

Billy Taylor (Christian Kane) and his wife Maire (Marley Shelton) are on the brink of divorce in HEAVEN SENT. It's just before Christmas and each of them has a prayer. For Billy, it's a prayer to hold onto his marriage. For Maire, it's a prayer that Billy will let go and move on. Their prayers are answered, but not in the way one might expect. To their utter amazement, a curly-haired little girl, "Taylor" (Mallory James Mahoney) literally arrives on their doorstep. Suitcase in tow, it appears a delivery service dropped her off. But when Billy and Maire make a call to the appropriate authorities to assist, another surprise awaits them. This is no ordinary "lost child." In fact, the two police officers can't even see Taylor, a fact that is explained only when Billy and Maire are shocked to realize that Taylor's reflection is not visible in the living room mirror. Who is this strange apparition? Will the fact that she soon reveals her feathery wings explain her presence? And who is the mysterious man with a cane who sometimes shows up on the dark wintry streets of the family's Boulder, CO community? It isn't long before the young couple, still struggling with their relationship, realize that Taylor is determined to keep them married. Things get complicated by the fact that Billy and Maire share a business; their mom-and-pop store is being scouted by a major corporate venture with a handsome representative who has his eye on Maire. Taylor's got a big job on her little hands. She's more than up to the challenge, however, and Billy and Maire discover they have a lot to learn about each other and about this most unusual answer to their prayers. 041b061a72


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