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If you're familiar with the narrative of SWORD ART ONLINE, this may come as a surprise, but the survival game genre has been around a bit longer than the VRMMO genre. Early VRMMOs like Blade & Soul, Legend of Mir 3, and Inexhaustible World of Strength were titles not worth mentioning.


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Name: Silica ALO Character ID: 006-096-F1F-D4F-G21-6B35-2A20-A859-E7B9-4492-D8D7-92C2 Age: 20 Birthdate: 10/04/2010 Virtual / Augmented Reality: Sword Art Online ALfheim Online Ordinal Scale Gender: Female Virtual Reality: Sword Art Online Virtual Reality: ALfheim Online Augmented Reality: Ordinal Scale Race: Human (Sword Art Online) Virtual Reality Gameplay appears in: Sword Art Online ALfheim Online Ordinal Scale Augmented Reality Gameplay appears in: ALfheim Online Notes: Silica is the third member of the Sword Art Online group to appear in Ordinal Scale as well as be playable in ALfheim Online. She was the first to appear in ALfheim Online, as she entered the AL- operative servers (called Doll Assemblies in ALfheim Online) of Ordinal Scale through ALO's portal. She is originally an Asuna player, but switched to Kirito after Asuna disappeared, and has remained with Kirito ever since. She is sometimes called the "Dragon Master" as one of the "Dragon Masters" of ALO, alongside Sakuya Izayoi. She is also known as "Silica", "Shirika", and "Mianju".

Without a doubt, one of the unique parts of Sword Art Online for me is the odd things that happen after downloading it. Apparently, it's been around since the original SAO came out. It may be the most obvious one, but the way this new "Curse" acts is fun to watch. Basically, after installing, you are inflicted with the unintentional mistranslation of the in-game dialogue from the beginning of the game.


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