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Victoria 2: A House Divided Download PC Game ((FREE))

Nations' populations are divided into cultures, religions, classes and occupations. There are several different population groups (or "pops"), such as aristocrats, army officers, clergy, soldiers, labourers, slaves, bureaucrats and others. As in other Paradox titles such as Europa Universalis, historical missions called "decisions", which are micro-objectives in the larger game, have been added. There are thousands of historical events and decisions as well.[13] These events and decisions can lead to the creation or disintegration of nation states.[15]

Victoria 2: A House Divided Download PC Game

A House Divided was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011[20] as an expansion pack with an aim on "[improving the] political and economical aspects of the game, with focus on the American Civil War era". It was released on February 2, 2012, for Windows and on March 30, 2012, for OS X; it is currently only available for purchase by download.[21] It includes the following features:

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With the sequel coming out in 2 months you might be tempted to see how its predecessor was,it has its issues due to being an old game but its a great experience.(Oh and if you buy the game please also buy the dlc and download the hpm mod because vanilla game has lots of issues) 041b061a72


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