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Subtitle Song Of The Sea ^HOT^

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subtitle Song of the Sea

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"La Mer" ("The Sea") is a song by the French composer, lyricist, singer and showman Charles Trenet. The song was first recorded by the French singer Roland Gerbeau in 1945. When Trenet's version was released in 1946, it became an unexpected hit, and has remained a chanson classic and jazz standard ever since.

Trenet said that he had written an initial version of the song's lyrics as a poem at the age of 16, many years before he came up with a tune for it. The tune came to him while he was traveling by train in 1943 between Montpellier and Perpignan as he was gazing out of the window at the Étang de Thau, a lagoon in the south of France. He jotted it down on a piece of paper and in the afternoon he worked out the details with his pianist Léo Chauliac. That evening they performed it in front of an audience without much of an impact.[1]

The song was not recorded before the end of World War II. It was first offered to Suzy Solidor, who, however, declined it. After that the job fell to Roland Gerbeau, who recorded it together with Jo Bouillon's orchestra at the end of 1945. The orchestration and chorus were provided by Albert Lasry. Trenet himself recorded his song for the first time in 1946.[2]

Over the years the song turned out to be rather popular throughout the world and developed into a chanson classic and jazz standard with a large number of prominent artists recording their own versions. Besides the original in French, the song was also recorded in several other languages with the English version "Beyond the Sea" being particularly popular and becoming the signature song for the American singer Bobby Darin.[3] In 1966 there were already over 100 different recordings of "La Mer", and it was considered to be France's best-selling song, together with Édith Piaf's "La Vie en rose".[4] By the time of Trenet's death in 2001, there were more than 4,000 different recordings of it,[5][6] with over 70 million copies sold in total.[7]

Charles Trenet's recording of "La Mer" is choreographed in Matthew Bourne's 1989 ballet suite Infernal Galop, "a French dance with English subtitles", in which a merman seduces three matelots.[8]

The song was also recorded by Cliff Richard.[9] In 1976 Julio Iglesias included the song on his live album En el Olympia.[10] The song was included on Dalida's 1999 posthumous album Besame Mucho.[11] Demis Roussos included the song on his 1995 studio album Immortel.[12]

The French original is featured prominently in a variety of films, including L.A. Story, in which it is played during the opening montage; French Kiss (1995), in which it is sung by lead actor Kevin Kline[20] and Mr. Bean's Holiday, which uses a recording of Trenet himself in its final scene. It also is played in the last episode of White Collar. The song is sung in the French documentary film Blood of the Beasts (1949). It is performed in the film A Life Less Ordinary (1997) by Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz. The Trenet recording is heard over the end credits of an episode of The Simpsons titled "The Squirt and the Whale".[1][21][22][23][24][25]

Binks' Sake is a song that was commonly sung amongst the pirates of old. The song is meant to lift the spirits of those who sing it. Being a pirate of the old days, Brook knows this song quite well and sings it most chances he is given. He was the first person seen in the story to sing the lyrics of the song.[1]

The song was also Yorki's favorite song as well as Laboon's.[3] When the Rumbar Pirates met their end fifty years ago, they decided to use a Tone Dial they had purchased from a merchant to use their final moments to record Bink's Sake for Laboon.[4]

It is shown that this song can be played in a variety of ways on different instruments for example when it is played on a piano, with a fast tempo, it can be a jolly party song that everyone can sing, but when it is being played on a violin (Brook's main instrument) in a slow tempo it can be viewed as a ballad, a farewell song, or as a requiem.

Bid farewell to weaver's town!Say so long to port renowned!Sing a song, it won't be long before we're casting off!Cross the gold and silver waves, Changin' into water sprays!Sailing out on our journey to the ends of the sea!

Gather up all of the crew!Time to ship out Binks's Brew!Sing a song, a lively song for all the oceans wide!After all is said and done, we all end up skeletons!Endless aimless, this story on the uproarious seas!

Bid farewell to weaver's town, say so long to port renowned.Sing a song, it won't be long, before we're casting off.Cross the gold and silver seas, a salty spray puts us at ease,Day and night, to our delight, the voyage never ends.

Even when Brook first showed up, the song was complete. Oda thought of the lyrics first and wanted to add the melody later but he just couldn't do it, and didn't want the song to sound bad when it would eventually be featured in the anime. So he went to get the melody written first by Kohei Tanaka, a big name in the anime music field. He intended to make Thriller Bark "in a year or so" and be shown then. However, like many things in One Piece, it ended up being seen 4 or 5 years later. Oda also intended it to be a sailing song that could be included in text books but because it contains the word 'sake' it was impossible.[5]

The word sake (酒, sake?) in Japanese can refer to any alcoholic beverage, not just the Japanese rice wine called "sake" in English. In official English translations, the song is thus called "Binks' Brew" and "Binks' Booze". However, the title has been written in English by Oda in two instances. The first instance was in the Chapter 809 Color Spread, seen on a record held by Brook, where it is written as "Binks of Liquor". This is not actually an accurate translation of the Japanese title, as the genitive construction is reversed; The Japanese equivalent of this would be 酒のビンクス (Sake no Binkusu). The second instance was in the Chapter 981 Color Spread, seen on a record held by Luffy, where it is written as "Binks' Sake".

If you are searching for songs about the beach, you can find many songs that have catchy lyrics, an excellent rhythm, a custom chorus and multiple types of music. You could also examine the theme of the song, the musician and the history of the song, and you may easily compare many types of songs.

During 1992, Weezer created this famous song, and since the 1990s, the well-known band has produced more than 25 albums. The song features lyrics that describe the sea, enjoyable holidays, local beaches and many types of activities.

Several musicians played guitars, yet the band also contained a famous drummer who improved the quality of the song. According to multiple reviews, the song has a relaxing rhythm that can substantially reduce stress. When you visit the beach, you could play the song in the background, and the song can improve the experiences of beachgoers.

In 2004, Blake Shelton released a song that described a picturesque beach, and the singer describes a faraway beach that has a sizable umbrella, warm waters and soft sand. The lyrics also mention large trees that are situated on the beach. When Blake Shelton created the song, he also added lyrics that describe beachgoers who are drinking margaritas. Additionally, the singer mentions that the beachgoers can observe the beautiful sunset during the evening, and the singer also describes visitors who are dancing on the beach.

During 1964, the Drifters created a song that describes beachgoers, a long boardwalk, the gorgeous sunset and a local beach. After the band released the song, the band received several types of awards, and since the 1960s, the popularity of the song has increased. While visitors explore local boardwalks, some guests may listen to the song and many fans have created outstanding reviews that describe the song.

In 2010, Jack Johnson released a song that describes the ocean, the tide, the beach and multiple types of seasons. When the artist created the song, he added background music that promoted relaxation, enhanced well-being and reduced anxiety. The musician also created a music video that featured multiple surfers, and during the music video, the surfers described several animals that are located within the ocean. The surfers also relaxed near the beach, and the athletes described the benefits of surfing, several types of waves and the changing tides.

This song was written by Will Smith, and the well-known actor created the song in 1991. The lyrics describe the summer months, fun activities and multiple sports. The singer also mentions the warm temperatures, and the artist briefly describes people who are washing their cars. During the last decade, the popularity of this song increased, and according to multiple reports, more than 5.5 million fans have downloaded the song.

Bob Darin is a famous musician who has created many types of songs, and during 1958, he released a song that described the beach, the sea, the soft sands and the benefits of sailing. The lyrics also mention the birds that frequently fly above the beach. The singer received several types of awards, and since the 1950s, many filmmakers have created movies that feature the song.

During 2007, a fan posted a video that complements the song, and according to several reports, more than 20+ million people have watched the video. Many fans have also created excellent reviews that describe the song, the lyrics and the well-known musician.

In 2002, Cheryl Crow released a song that describes friends who would like to visit the beach. The musician plays the guitar, and she created lyrics that mention the local beach, enjoyable activities and the benefits of sunlight. The musician also created a music video that shows beachgoers, large waves, palm trees and talented surfers. Multiple movies feature this song, and once a filmmaker adds the background music, the producer can create detailed scenes that show characters who are enjoying the beach. 041b061a72


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